I was born in lower Egypt on Friday, 27.09.1986. I have been working in tourism from  2008  till now.

 I have had a passion for history, philosophy, and psychology since childhood. Then during my study at the university, I decided to tour guidance in the faculty of tourism and hotels. 

I  liked this study too much; however, I failed to continue it through a master’s degree or free studies after being a fresh graduate because of the colossal distance between work and faculty. I couldn’t ignore my weak motivation for myself. It was not easy to combine both of them, but I always tried to learn and master the skills of tour guidance by reading various books about Egypt’s geography, history, and antiquities. 

But during my work as a tour guide on roundtrips, it is not easy to explain all these details because of the time factor, so I was thinking about something which will be more available to most people interested in the topic of Egypt. 

In this blog, I divided the topic into some categories starting from geography to culture and society,  trying to cover the most significant number of topics possible to enable each amateur and seeker to get to know Egypt better to get the nearest image of Egypt’s identity. 

                                                                                                                                                                                            ADEL ZIDAN